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Select a chord to compare its notes with that of the raga. Common notes will be highlighted with an orange color and others will be greyed out.

Tip: You can vary the chord root/position by dragging the pin that appears above the chord pattern


You can move the red notes around to fix the root and playing position
Choose to see patterns by notes, swaras or intervals.

Tip: Hover on the note and check out the tooltip to get more information
Load the GuitarApp or the KeyboardApp
Click the ? icon to see the help text again

Arohana and Avarohana structures are the same!
Notes fall outside the fretboard range! Please change the root note or use a different pattern
Choose any western scale to see a comparison between its notes and the notes of the selected raga. Only common notes are highlighted whereas others will be faded.

Tip: You can mouse over grey/translucent notes to highlight just the raga or the scale patterns
  • Choose to see either a single octave or hightlight raga notes over the entire keyboard
  • This tool helps you search for ragas that contain specific swaras or scale intervals. When you make a selection of a swara/interval using the buttons above, we display the ragas that contain all of the selections. Controls that appear above the result list lets you filter the items further based on whether you want to see carnatic or hindustani ragas or whether you are looking for a match that is exact or a subset.

    For eg, you can use the swara filter to see all ragas that have, say, Suddha Gandharam (G1) or you can use the interval filter to see all ragas that have, say, a major 7th note.

    Use the mode select drop down to switch between the swara, note or interval modes. You can also choose if the notes should be displayed using carnatic or hindustani notation via the notation select dropdown. or select the root to use for selecting scale notes using the root select dropdown. If you find it convenient to select intervals by visualizing it as a scale, you can select the "Notes" view wherein the intervals are displayed as a scale using a root note of you choice.

    To clear the selections and start afresh, use the reset icon.
    Sort Ragas By: Position Name
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      Welcome to the RagaApp!! We make it easy for you to play Indian Classical (aka, Hindustani) and Carnatic music on the guitar fretboard or on keyboard instruments like piano or harmonium. Our Raga lists, which include the 72 Melakartas, 10 Thaats, 800+ Carnatic ragas (Janyas) and 80+ Hindustani ragas, lets you study almost any raga that you are interested in. Moreover, we also have tools that help you compare Indian ragas to western scales, analyse ragas against various chord patterns and also find ragas that have similar structures.

      Get started by selecting the instrument that you prefer, so that we can display the raga notes accordingly.
      Tip: You can always switch between the instruments by clicking the guitar/keyboard icons at the top right of the page.

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