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For all the Android users out there, Raga Master, the android version of our raga app, is now available! It works on both android phones and tablets and can be downloaded from Google play. The app features the familiar raga note mappings on Guitar as well as Keyboard (Piano), and contains all the ragas available in the web version of the app. You also get options for listening to how the ragas sound and comparing ragas to the set of western scales. Please join our Raga Master Android Google+ group if you have any feedback or questions about the app

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Ragas for all your needs

  • Popular Ragas in Carnatic
  • Popular Ragas in Hindustani
  • The 72 Melakarta Ragas (Carnatic)
  • The 10 Thaats (Hindustani)
  • Coming soon: Complete Carnatic Janya Ragas
  • Coming soon: All Hindustani

Automatic playing patterns

  • Box – Displays notes for a fixed hand position (Guitar)
  • Walk up – Displays notes for playing while moving up the fretboard (Guitar)
  • Walk down – Displays notes for playing while moving down the freboard (Guitar)
  • Octave – Displays notes to play a single octave (Keyboard/Piano)

In addition, the ‘All Notes’ mode displays the raga notes over the entire instrument to give you a quick glance of all the possible playing options.

Hear how ragas sound

Hear how the notes of a given playback pattern sound even without picking up an instrument. Clicking the sound icon on the top menu, will start a playback of the vakra structures so that you can hear how each displayed note sounds. The playback also automatically switches between ascending (arohana) and descending (avarohana) notes so that you get a feel of the complete raga.

Compare ragas to Western Scales

The scales tool lets you compare the notes of any raga with a set of standard western scales. When you select a particular scale from the list, a message appears near the bottom of the app, that indicates what are the commonalities or differences between the currently selected raga and the western scale. You can also select the common/different note groups to high light all of them in the fretboard.

More Resources

  • Learn to use Raga Master (link)
  • Video tutorials (link)

Get it on Google Play

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