Indian classical (Hindustani) ragas

We have some great news for you, the Raga App now comes with a comprehensive set of Hindustani ragas! Just like the Carnatic section, you get three lists – a small set of 15 popular ragas, the list containing the 10 Thaats (they are the base ragas in Hindustani, the equivalent of melakartas in carnatic) and the complete list that contains around 75 ragas.

What else has changed in the app?

You would notice that the notations used in hindustani are a bit different – since there are only two variations for each note (major and minor or perfect and sharp) in hindustani, the swaras that are displayed would change accordingly (Here’s a useful article in musicianself comparing the two notation systems).

Hindustani Ragas
Hindustani Ragas

The note filters also change to display groups that are appropriate to the hindustani notation system, so that its intuitive for you to explore them. See the image to the right for a quick overview

Oh, where is my search box?

Due to the space constraints in showing the two raga lists, we have moved the search box to the top and juggled some logos around – essentially, nothing much that you need to worry about. But putting this in just in case you were wondering…

So go ahead and add a touch of hindustani music to your daily life…

Indian classical (Hindustani) ragas