About Me

I work on ragalicious whenever  I am not completely brain dead due to my mundane day job – which, as it turns out, is getting harder and harder off late.
Feel free to drop me a note in case you have any suggestions for new features in the raga app and don’t forget to check out this page to see how you can help this site!!


And here’s a more elaborate way of saying something similar… 🙂

Me…a full time corporate slave, and a part time wannabe musician.
Started pretending to play the guitar…sometime during the high school years.
Figured out what it means to really play the guitar…sometime during the college years.
Realized in shock that you can own a Les Paul and still not have the time to play guitar…sometime during the last few years.
Still trying to make up for all of it by creating apps that might help folks like you and me do a better job at following our musical dreams…


Thanks for visiting this site!