HELP me keep going! Here’s what YOU can do and its EASY!

HELP me keep going! Here’s what YOU can do and its EASY!

If you are in any of the countries where amazon has a presence, then trust me, you do not have to do anything more than what you are probably doing already!! Just search amazon via the links I have on the raga app or click any of the banners below before you make any purchase from amazon. When you do so, I get a small commission for the purchases you make and that is a significant support and motivation for me to keep working on this site and create more apps related to Indian classical music. You can even add these links as a bookmark to amazon, so that any time you go to amazon and shop, you are supporting this site! It can’t get easier than this, so please select the country that you belong to and shop as usual!

What if amazon is not present in the country that I am in?

Well, for one you can purchase the pro version of the app. This seemed to be a better option than asking for donations. You get almost everything you need for free in the app and the extra list of ragas in the pro version are useful for those of you who really want to dive deep, plus you get to support my efforts as well! The purchases this year have helped me set up this site and also pay for the hosting and domain charges. I hope to make the app completely free once the money I get from the ads and amazon traffic is enough to keep this site going, so till then, this is definitely an option 🙂

Here are the links to the various amazon sites that you can use to bookmark or visit directly before making purchases

Amazon India – You can bookmark this link –


Amazon US – You can bookmark this link –


Amazon UK – You can bookmark this link –


Amazon Germany – You can bookmark this link –


Amazon Canada – You can bookmark this link –

3 thoughts on “HELP me keep going! Here’s what YOU can do and its EASY!”

  1. Not getting enough time these days to work on the mobile apps, so I am still figuring out when the iOS app will materialize! Thanks for visiting the site, and good to hear that you liked it…

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