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The ultimate Carnatic and Indian (Hindustani) classical raga learning tool, our app gives you access to two interfaces (guitar & keyboard) as well as a comprehensive list of ragas – including the 72 Melakartas and a huge list of 870 Janyas from Carnatic and the 10 Thaats and a big list of 70 ragas from Hindustani. We make it easy for you to start playing, composing and improvising with Indian ragas by doing all the hard work needed to find the swara or note pattern of each raga and mapping it directly on to the guitar or keyboard; ready for you to play, with no room for errors. Moreover, we even have awesome tools that let you compare each of these ragas against the various western scales and major chords types or find groups of ragas that are similar in the notes or intervals they contain! Continue reading to understand how our app can help your journey into the realm of indian classical music.

The need…

  • You want to play Ragas, Indian classical on the guitar or keyboard.
  • You want to use Indian scales, ragas for your playing, composition, improvisation, jamming or performance.
  • You want to be able to play Indian classical songs on guitar or keyboard using the swara charts of the compositions freely available on the internet and printed books.
  • You want to find groups of ragas that have common notes or intervals
  • You want to explore the relationships between ragas and western scales
  • You want to analyze ragas against chords and understand how they match or differ


Finding the notes of each raga by search takes effort. The notes of the raga are often given in Indian classical notation, which you have to then map to western notes. There are no ready made sources that show you clearly which key corresponds to which classical note of a particular raga, in a particular pitch. It is a strenuous process to remember the Indian notes, their western equivalent, map it for the particular raga from the particular root note or pitch and then play without errors.

Moreover, for guitar players it gets even more complicated since guitar is not a linear instrument. The relation between strings makes playing scales and songs on the guitar by looking at the swara or note pattern of a raga, a bit confusing. Even if you knew how to play the raga, it is easier to play a raga and its composition when the swaras are shown on the exact fret and string. The app makes sure that there are no mistakes while mapping the raga on the fretboard

When it comes to analysing chords and scales, its difficult to visualize both of them simultaneously and then identify the nuances. So the only option left is to write down the notes and analyze them theoretically. This makes the process cumbersome and also time consuming. Similarly, if you were to analyze the notes of all the janyas manually, to figure out groups with commonalities, it is bound to take forever using pen and paper. These kinds of analysis and explorations are better done using a tool that can cater to your needs.

Raga App to the rescue – What’s inside the App

What if, you gain access to an app that solves all these difficulties for you? One that serves you

  • 800+ Janya ragas and the 72 Melakartas from Carnatic
  • 70+ ragas and the 10 Thaats from Hindustani
  • Shows the exact notes of your chosen raga, using the pitch you desire, clearly on the keyboard.
  • Shows the notes of your chosen raga along with different fret and string combinations to use, clearly on the guitar fretboard
  • Lets you find group of ragas that have common notes or intervals
  • Lets you compare the raga patterns and western scale patterns side by side, highlighting all the common and different notes.
  • Lets you compare different chord patterns and raga notes side by side, highlighting all the common and different notes.

That’s exactly what we have lined up for you in the Raga App! You can read more about these features in the Raga App Cookbook

Why do I need the complete raga list?

The Pro version of the app gives you access to a valuable list of 870 janya ragas from carnatic and over 70 ragas from Hindustani, which you can choose directly or find using a convenient search box. Now, if you find a song that you want to play, just get its raga, search for it in our app and it will be there!. You don’t have to worry about finding the notes of the raga by search. You don’t have to bother to look up what the swara notation means and which western interval to play. And since most often songs are not based on the basic ragas in thaats or melakartas, having the janya & all hindustani lists makes it your one stop shop for all the indian classical ragas you ever run into.

Combo app – keyboard + guitar

A single app that gives you access to both guitar and keyboard views for playing ragas. For those of us who work with both guitar and keyboard (I am one of them), the use of the combo is obvious.

For guitarists, it is useful to visualize music on the keyboard. Maybe you already know how to play the basics. Maybe you will start using the keyboard, if not to perform, maybe to program. Maybe you will start playing the keys in the future. For keyboardists, if you are interested in playing the guitar, get the guitar interface for just a bit more of money. These days when the world is getting closer, options are readily available and playing more than one instrument is becoming a norm. For those of you who are parts of bands, the keyboardist and guitarist can use a single app!


For any reason you would like a refund, let us know any time in 60 days and we will be happy to return your money. Just use the contact button on the top navigation of the main site, or you can use the contact form from within the app.

So what are you waiting for? Start exploring the app right now