Why can’t I use a PayPal India account?

If you are using a PayPal India account and try making a purchase from our site, you would hit an error message that says the payment cannot be processed. Unfortunately, that is due to some RBI regulations which prevent PayPal from processing transactions between Indian users. I am not aware of any viable alternatives to PayPal, Most other services need you to pay an upfront sign up fee or periodic subscription fees or even require you to be a registered merchant. So I can’t really setup an automated and well known payment solution for you folks from India.

Anyways, the alternative is that you can do a bank transfer and I will send you the pro version links once I receive the payment. If you think that bank transfer is too much of a hassle (because of payee addition and stuff), you can even buy a gift voucher from flipkart and mail it to me. In either case, it involves a bit of manual work and the rates differ a bit based on the USD to INR exchange rates etc, so just drop me a note using the form below so that I can give you the exact price, the bank details and also keep an eye on my mail to send you the links on time.

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    I want to purchase Raga App Pro using Bank Transfer or Gift voucher

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